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Escape от Tarkov: Arena



Step into the competitive chaos of Tarkov Arena with Infirix by your side, offering the ultimate cheat solution. Our undetected cheat is crafted to propel you to the top ranks, featuring an arsenal of enhancements including the superior Aim Bot. With Infirix, you'll dominate the arena with ease, thanks to our extensive suite of features designed for victory. Buy the best Tarkov Arena cheat today and unleash your true potential in every match.


1 Day $4

7 Days $25

30 Days $75

Lifetime $179

Supported Systems
Windows 10 | Windows 11
Supported CPU
Intel | AMD
Game Client
Availablity USB
Not needed

You are able to easily see your opponents through any walls/surfaces which will help you to eliminate your opponents and successfully complete a raid.


NoRecoil - disabling the recoil of any weapons.
Thanks to this feature, you will always win.

Big heads

The enemies will have huge heads that you can easily hit