Free trial 3 hours For Escape From Tarkov | CS2


Q: Can i get Free Trial?
A: Yes. Head over to our page where you can make request after please open a ticket on Discord so we can help you.

Q: I bought a Sub, How can i get it?
A: Open a ticket and you will get everything what you need.

Q: What is the Payment Methods?
A: We have only payment methods Stripe (Bank, Credit Card Payment, Crypto, PayPal, Gift Cards)

Escape From Tarkov

Q: Is it undetected?
A: Yes, in case if u wont gonna play like in Rage Mode and kill whole lobby, shot all headshots. youre fine

Q: NoRecoil or ESP item doesnt work, how can i fix it?
A: Open a ticket and we'll try to help you out

Q: My mouse freezes when i click start in Injector, i had to restart PC
A: Your mouse will freeze during Injection of the cheat, injecting cheats can take to load upto 2 minutes, depends on your connection.

Q: What is the Difference between WH Full and WH Tran?
A: Only difference between it is colors.

Q: Is BigHeads Safe?
A: Yes, but this may increase your K/D, so we recommend playing with caution.

Counter Strike 2

Q: Is it undetected?
A: Yes, our product is use a lot of people and no one didnt get ban

Q: after purchase, will the cheat be updated?
A: Sure, we update cheat every week

Q: How does activation work in your cheat?
A: You need to create an account and also insert the activation key. After that you can enjoy the best private CSGO Cheat